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New York Proposal: Emilee and Keenan

Proposal in New York City.

New York, New York Proposal

Emilee and Keenan's proposal was nothing short of amazing! It took family and friends traveling from all over the country to witness the love and Keenan's proposal to his new bride-to-be. Contemplating and proposing to the love of your life is a centuries-old custom that is always remembered as one of the most memorable occasions in both the couple's and the audience's lives. Keenan chose the ideal setting for his proposal to Emilee, which happened to be the same area where they had their first date at Red Steps in Times Square.

While Emilee thought she was preparing for a "Netflix Primer," Keenan and their son were preparing for the proposal, which was only a few blocks away from the Red Steps in Times Square. This proposal had been meticulously planned, with only the crowds of people in the streets of New York delaying Keenan's walk to the stairs where he would proclaim his undying love for Emilee amongst family and friends.

This was an incredible experience, and Emilee and Keenan deserve to be congratulated.


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