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Documenting. Capturing. Creating Bold. Unforgettable Experience

Hi, We are Quadean and Kendra

The Knight Creative family is about to go on an exciting trip with the goal of capturing the allure of Africa via the mediums of photography and social media. Especially with our two children accompanying us on our journey, we are experiencing a revitalizing sense of energy as we experience the varied cultures and wonderful cuisines of the continent. Through the lenses of our cameras, we intend to demonstrate the stunning beauty of Africa and to communicate our one-of-a-kind point of view through fascinating video blogs. Recognizing the importance of our dedication to authenticity, we meticulously document our experiences in a manner that is both honest and transparent. Creating a digital experience that is unforgettable and will make a lasting effect on everyone is our goal, and we want to do this by establishing connections with our respective followers.

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Step into a heartwarming moment captured in time as a family comes together against the backdrop of Cape Town's breathtaking

Join us on our adventures as a family and as we explore the world.


Not your typical


Our Travels Gallery:  
          "Capturing the journey, one photo at a time"


Cape Town



Empowering Expats: Our Goals in a New Environment


Immersing oneself in Culture

One of our goals is to highlight the diverse and vibrant cultures, traditions, and customs of African nations. For all of those who follow us, we want to create an experience by highlighting the beauty and diversity of African art, fashion, and design, as well as exploring local festivals, music, dance, and cuisine.


Family Adventures

Our goal is to share our experiences traveling in Africa as an expat family. We are on a mission to discover family-friendly destinations, activities, and accommodations in Africa to share with curious followers. We will offer suggestions and guidance from our own personal experience and viewpoint for traveling with kids, including safety and health considerations.


Expat Life

The documentation of our family's relocation to Africa. Sharing insights, difficulties, and successes regarding adjusting to a new environment. exploring the local neighborhood, as well as the educational opportunities and community resources available to expats. 

We are Vlogging!


Cultural Immersion Series

Uncover and exhibit the distinctive facets of the local culture, traditions, and daily life, as we share firsthand experiences of sampling local cuisine, participating in festivals, and engaging with locals, offering viewers a profound insight into the host country's vibrant heritage.


Navigating Expat Challenges

Provide practical tips, insights, and personal anecdotes to help others smoothly navigate the transition of living and working in a foreign country by addressing common challenges faced by expats, such as overcoming language barriers, adapting to a new work environment, and understanding local customs.


Hidden Gems and Travel Adventures

Inspire fellow expats to explore beyond the usual tourist spots by taking your audience on exciting journeys to undiscovered places and hidden gems within the host country, sharing your adventures and showcasing picturesque landscapes, unique landmarks, and off-the-beaten-path attractions.


Download our FAQ!

Please download our FAQ sheet and email us with any additional questions you may have because we understand that moving abroad is not an easy process and we hope to have some answers for you.

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